July 13th, 2019

Start: 9 AM

HOW LONG?     about 8 hours
WHERE?     Jugendtreff Hesperange
PRICE?     15 Euro (including the membership)

Baby-Sitting an der Gemeng Hesper a.s.b.l.

in collaboration with the youthhouse Hesperange

  • How do I establish the first contact?
  • How do I organize my baby-sitting?
  • What activities can I / should I organize?
  • How do I pay attention to security?
  • How do I calculate a fair price?
  • What if I have problems?
  • How do I change diapers?
  •  ...

These topics are covered in theory and practice.
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621 152 588 / 621 376 540


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Baby-Sitting an der Gemeng Hesper a.s.b.l.

P.O. Box 15

L-5801 Hesperange

Phone: (new number)

621 152 588

621 376 540


LU86 1111 1259 9791 0000


"Baby-Sitting an der Gemeng Hesper a.s.b.l."
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