With the first contact, normally by phone, the price is negotiated. The board is just giving suggestion that can be negotiated, as we are not involved in the profit! The price is set according to the duration, the time, and the availability. With a conversation, the two partners should arrange on a price.

Our suggestion (this a only a basis for negotiation):

Price per hour for one kid:

  Age of the baby-sitter price  
  15 years 5,00 €  
  16 years 5,50 €  
  17 years 6,00 €  
  18 years and more 8,00 €  

Surcharge for each additional child: + 1,00 € per hour

For special services (eg. transport of children in the car) an extra price is allowed.

The minimum price is 10 € and the maximum price 80 € (per intervention)


Of course you have to pay the baby-sitter the same evening. Best is Cash. The baby-sitter certainly don't take credit cards or "Chèques ervices"!

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Baby-Sitting an der Gemeng Hesper a.s.b.l.

P.O. Box 15

L-5801 Hesperange

Phone: (new number)

621 152 588

621 376 540


LU86 1111 1259 9791 0000


"Baby-Sitting an der Gemeng Hesper a.s.b.l."
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